Venture Unit

P2M – Department of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, University of Indonesia was established in 1985, and is a model of interaction between the professional world and the world of education. P2M establishment marked by organizing training Basic Design System AC cooperating with one of the leading air-conditioning equipment manufacturer in the world.

For nearly two decades, P2M has organized a continuing education program, in the form of organizing training / training in M/E (mechanical and electrical). Through this program, P2M has helped companies or organizations develop their human resources.

P2M traning service user is a company/organization with various business fields and economies scale. They come from private companies and state enterprises as well as foreign private geographically spread throughout Indonesia. Every year alumni of training P2M numbered about 500 people.

With the support of the entire permanent staff of Department of Mechanical Engineering and other Department in Engineering Faculty of University of Indonesia as well as the professionals and practitioners both from alumni or world industry, consistent P2M for permanent role in the development of human resources through training programs organized.

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